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gathr_logoWelcome to your step-by-step guide to crowdsourcing a screening of The Starfish Throwers.

The Starfish Throwers has partnered with Gathr® Films distribution service to allow individuals like you the opportunity to book the film into your local movie theater! Gathr TOD® (Theatrical On Demand®) allows audiences to pull films to their local theaters by gathering together and pre-ordering tickets in advance.

Beginning now, communities can Gathr® their own local screenings of The Starfish Throwers at theaters near them—anywhere in the USA. Help us bring The Starfish Throwers message of hope and action to your city today. This is your chance to throw starfish too!

1. Find a screening near you.
Check the map below to see of there’s an existing showing of the film in your city. If so, reserve your tickets today.

2. Sign up to Gathr! No screenings in your area? No problem— Gathr® your own! Simply click “Gathr It: Request a Screening” to host one in your town. If you’re not interested in being the host, then sign up to be notified when someone else schedules one:

3. PROMOTE your screening!
Once your request has been approved, you’ll get an email confirming you as a Movie Captain for The Starfish Throwers, and you’ll get a link to begin promoting the specifics of your screening. This step is CRUCIAL. If you don’t actively promote your screening, it will not happen. Download the screening kit below for lots more information and ideas on getting the word out on your screening.

Remember, Gathr screenings can only happen when we reach our ticket goals. Whether you host your own event or support another, get involved and spread the word—social media, email, texts and phone calls. Make sure no one misses out on the inspiring message of hope and action in The Starfish Throwers.

Planning & Outreach
The Starfish Throwers Gathr® Screening Toolkit (PDF)
Press Kit, Film Poster & Images

The Big Night
Film Poster
More to come!